Ideal’s Team of Skilled Home Remodeling and Construction Professionals

Ideal is a two generation family-owned home remodeling and construction company. By working with Ideal you are virtually assured that your project will be personally supervised, with great care, by one of our family members. 

We maintain an experienced in-house staff that can provide most all of our normal services. These include project management, estimating, planning, and design. It also includes field skills such as framing and finished carpentry, plumbing, electrical, tile, etc. We also use carefully selected and supervised specialty trade technicians and craftsmen.

First Generation: Founder and President

Ideal’s founder and president built the company over many years. At first alone. Then, over time, joined by each of his three sons. As president, he manages and oversees the entire company. He is well-known for making sure everyone in the company lives up to Ideal’s objectives. These include providing excellent design, construction, and exceptional client service. Our president has 30 years of experience in the construction, building, and remodeling industry. Additionally, he has training and expertise in architecture and economics.

Second Generation: Senior Staff

Our senior staff is composed of our president’s three sons. They have 18 years of experience on average.

Our General Manager is Jason. He is actively involved meetings with our clients. He oversees our systems and processes. He in involved with our quality control efforts.

Jason makes sure all of our clients are pleased having selected Ideal for their project. If they aren’t yet, he makes sure any problems are resolved quickly.

Jason holds a degree in mechanical engineering and management. He is certified by many of our building product manufacturers. Jason Ideal’s primary representative to the various trade organizations to which we belong.

Our two most Senior Project Managers are also family members. They, are involved in the daily management and supervision of projects. They work with our clients on a day-to-day basis. They are responsible for project planning and management. They do project estimating, finances and budgets. They make sure all building permits and inspections are obtained and passed. They are on the front line assuring quality control. Both hold degrees in construction and civil engineering. Both also have certifications in quality control.

Other Staff Members

Ideal’s staff members have an average of 12 years of building and remodeling experience. Or they have similar experience relevant to their duties.  Our staff members are selected carefully for their technical skills, dependability, and ability to provide quality client service. They are chosen for their communications skills and other attributes needed for their respective duties.

Our staff and senior staff supervise all of the projects we work on. This includes supervising all the specialty trade contractors who work for us.

Specialty Team Members

Like most quality remodeling firms, Ideal uses specialty trade technicians and craftsmen for particular types of work. These include skilled services like plumbing, electrical, tiles and similar trades.

We are as careful in selecting our specialty trade partners as we are with our staff. All must be licensed (where required) and insured. They must be among the best of their trades in the area. And, they must have high standards in their hiring practices.


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