As people age, their needs change. Sometimes, a home that was a good fit for a young family no longer is a good fit for a senior couple. Traveling up and down stairs becomes increasingly difficult, and uneven thresholds can create dangerous trip and fall hazards. In addition, sometimes people face unexpected disabilities that mean their homes no longer fit their needs. Yet many don’t want to leave their home to find a new place to live, leaving behind years of memories and connections. What is the solution to this dilemma? At Ideal Construction & Remodeling, we believe the solution is disability remodeling.

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What Disability Remodeling Involves

Remodeling for a disability or the changing needs of older adults who want to age in place involves changing the home so that it accommodates the new or changing needs of its occupants. This will include making the home and its features easier to operate, and also making it more accessible for those using mobility assistance devices. Some of these remodeling changes may include:

  • Widening doorways and hallways to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers.
  • Decreasing the number of steps or uneven thresholds in the home.
  • Adding a wheelchair ramp to the exterior entry.
  • Adding features like stair lifts and easy-release door handles to make the home easier to use.
  • Remodeling the bathroom to make it accessible, including the addition of walk-in tubs.

These are just some of the ways we can make a home more accessible to those who are elderly or disabled. Each disability remodel is unique to the home’s owners, but features elements of Universal Design aimed at transforming the home so it can accommodate a variety of needs and abilities, while still keeping it attractive and appealing.

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The Benefits of Aging in Place Remodeling

Disability remodeling has the obvious benefit of making the home more livable for its current occupants, but that’s just one benefit. As more and more people are focusing on keeping mom or dad comfortable at home, homes with disability-friendly features are growing increasingly popular. With a design that’s attractive yet accessible, you can improve your home’s value and potential resale later. An accessible home also creates a space where younger people can age in place, and this is becoming increasingly important to even first-time buyers with an eye on the future.

Disability Remodeling with a Customer-Centric Focus in the Washington, DC Area

At Ideal Construction & Remodeling, we take a client-centric focus to all of our remodeling services, including disability remodeling. We work with our clients to create a design that is attractive and inclusive. We take your design ideas and disability needs into mind throughout the process, so the end result is a space you will be proud to call home, while also giving you a home that accommodates your unique needs.

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