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The function of the home garage has evolved over time. A structure that once served as a place to store vehicles and a few household items may now be anything from a home gym or spare bedroom to a home office or art studio.

If you live in Northern Virginia or the surrounding areas, Ideal Remodeling & Construction can construct a beautiful, functional garage addition or remodel an existing structure. Whether you are looking for a simple garage addition or a complete redesign of your space, our team can help!

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The first step to any home addition or remodeling project is to plan. When planning for a big project, you will want to familiarize yourself with details regarding budget, timing and design quickly.

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We begin by communicating with you to learn about your vision for your new garage. At Ideal Construction & Remodeling, we can take an existing garage and totally redesign it. Want to turn it into a workout studio? No problem. Need a tool shed to work on big projects? We can do that! Just want an organized, well-functioning storage room? We love that idea. Once we know what exactly you are looking for, we can discuss the budget and make a plan. The size and scope of your project are up to you — and we can work within your budget.

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Garage Addition and Remodeling Services Overview

You’re probably wondering what goes into a garage addition. If you don’t have a vision in mind, our team has plenty of ideas for you to choose from. Whether you want to build an addition from scratch or redesign your existing space, we offer top-notch services from one of the best garage addition and remodeling companies in the Northern Virginia area.

Some of the garage construction services we offer include:

  • Erecting an entirely new building, attached or unattached to your home
  • Installation of windows, doors, flooring and storage

Some of the services we offer in terms of garage remodeling include:

  • Redesign of the existing space
  • Construction of new walls and flooring
  • Installation of new flooring, windows, doors and shelves

Do you need garage remodeling and addition ideas? Contact Ideal Construction & Remodeling online or by phone at 703-241-1411! 

“Ideal Construction built our garage in 2014. We are very happy with the results. The garage blends in nicely with our neighborhood and is well constructed.

Ideal did quality work and whenever there was a concern they worked with us to immediately resolve the issue to our satisfaction. One attribute that continued throughout the project was how much they cared about the impact on us and our neighbors both during and after the construction. They were professional and respectful at all times. I would certainly recommend them for any of your construction projects.”


Ideas for Your Northern Virginia Garage Addition or Remodel

Ideal Construction & Remodeling can help you build or renovate a garage to serve as any of the following:

  • Gym or workout studio: We can convert your unused garage space into a workout space equipped with mirrors, flooring and more.
  • Above-garage apartment: Do you have a live-at-home college student who wants privacy? Do guests often stay over at your home? An above-garage apartment is a perfect addition.
  • Hobby space: Whatever your pastime, the garage is a perfect place to indulge your passion. Use your new space to paint, write, build birdhouses or whatever you love to do.
  • Storage: Adding extra space in the garage allows you to organize your storage boxes, holiday decorations and lawn care tools without it feeling overcrowded and junky.
  • Home office: Are you working from home? We can construct a fully functional office space with lots of room and the electricity to power your computers and other equipment.
  • ADU: If you have a detached garage, you could convert it into an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). These structures can serve as a guesthouse or separate living quarters for an aging parent. Check the zoning regulations in your area regarding ADUs.
  • Music practice area: Maybe you have a child who wants to form a band, and they need a place to practice. A renovated garage with soundproofing can fill this need — without disturbing you or the neighbors.
  • Laundry room: Are your washer and dryer taking up space in a cluttered basement or other area of your home? We can convert your garage into a fully functioning laundry facility where you do all your washing, folding and ironing.
  • Workshop: You may already keep an assortment of tools in your garage. A renovation can transform the space into a fully equipped work area that can accommodate a workbench and power tools. We can also install the appropriate lighting so you can execute your projects safely.


The possibilities for your construction or remodeling project are endless. Let our skilled team help you design and build your dream garage today.

Other Available Home Remodeling Services

At Ideal Construction & Remodeling, we do much more than construct and remodel garages. We can also build that beautiful new sunroom you’ve always wanted for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors — while staying indoors. If you’re looking to add more living space but don’t have the room to expand horizontally, a second-floor addition can provide a viable alternative.

Other services we offer include energy-efficient remodeling that can make your home more comfortable and lower your energy bills. And if you want to execute a total home makeover, our expert whole house renovation services can deliver the perfect solution.

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Are you ready to build or remodel a garage in Northern Virginia or elsewhere in our extensive service territory? Work with the best garage addition contractors in the area. Contact Ideal Construction & Remodeling online or by phone at 703-241-1411!

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