When you think of a typical garage, you are probably just thinking of a place to store your car or your extra knick-knacks. Ideally, a garage was meant to be a place for storage, but over time its purpose has changed. Today, people use their garage in a number of unpredictable ways—from a home gym to and art room to a well-organized, functional storage space.

Don’t have a garage attached to your home in Maryland, Washington, DC, or Northern Virginia? Want to repurpose your space to give you more room for activities? Let Ideal Construction & Remodeling build you a garage addition or remodel your existing garage. Whether you are looking for a simple garage addition or a complete redesign of your space, our team can help! We are highly skilled and experienced in construction and construction management. We also have staff members with degrees in construction and civil engineering—so, you know your project is safe in our hands.

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Planning Your Garage Remodel or Addition

The first step to any home addition or remodeling project is to plan. When planning for a big project, you will want immediately familiarize yourself with details regarding budget, timing, and design.

We begin by communicating with you to learn your vision for your new garage. At Ideal Construction & Remodeling, we can take an existing garage and totally redesign it. Want to turn it into a workout studio? No problem. Need a tool shed to work on big projects? We can do that! Just want an organized, well-functioning storage room? We love that idea. Once we know what exactly you are looking for, we can discuss budget and make a plan. The size and scope of your project is up to you—and we can work within your budget.

Garage Addition & Remodeling Services

You’re probably wondering what goes into a garage addition. If you don’t have a vision in mind, our team has plenty of ideas for you to choose from. Whether you want to build a garage addition from scratch or redesign your existing space, we offer top-notch services from one of the best remodeling teams in the Washington, DC metro area.

Some of the services we offer in terms of garage additions include:

  • Construction of an entirely new building, attached or unattached to your home
  • Installation of windows, doors, flooring, storage, and more

Some of the services we offer in terms of garage remodeling include:

  • Redesign of the existing space
  • Construction of new walls and flooring
  • Installation of new flooring, windows, doors, and shelves

Ideas for Your Garage Addition or Remodel in DC, MD or VA

You want extra space, but what you do with this space is so important. Don’t just use your garage as a place to store boxes, redesign it to be something fun, creative, and useful. Here are a few of our favorite garage additions to consider:

  • Gym or workout studio. Are you committed to fitness? Convert your unused garage space into a workout space. We can install mirrors, flooring, and more to make your garage the best gym in the neighborhood.
  • Above-garage apartment. Do you have a live-at-home college student who wants privacy? Are guests often stay over at your home? An above-garage apartment is the perfect addition. It creates a comfortable space for your guests, while give you and them the privacy you crave.
  • Hobby space. Whatever your pastime, the garage is a perfect place to set-up and store your trinkets. Whether it be arts and crafts or building birdhouses, your passion should not be squashed because you simply don’t have the space!
  • Storage. Adding on extra space in the garage allows you to organize your storage boxes, holiday decorations, lawn care tools, and more without it feeling overcrowded and junky.

The possibilities for your garage addition or remodeling project are endless. If you can dream it, we can build it. Our team is skilled in design and implementation of even the most complex home improvement projects—let us build your dream garage today!

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At Ideal Construction & Remodeling, we offer quality garage addition and remodeling services to residents of Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia. From expert design services to professional construction, our team knows how to deliver quality results.

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