Ready to turn your outdated, unfinished or problem basement into space you can use? You won’t need just a good remodeler, you will need a good remodeler experienced in basement remodeling.  Here are some tips for finding a finished basement remodeling company knowledge, design and construction experience to deal with dampness, little to no natural light, low ceilings with pipes and air ducts and other basement remodeling challenges to create a great cost effective finished basement for whatever your needs are.

Many remodeling contractors will say they are basement remodelers. But do they really have the expertise to solve the unique structural, environmental and comfort challenges necessary to make your finished basement a comfortable, healthy, family-friendly and safe place you want? Here are some ways to make sure they do!

  • Assess their basement remodeling expertise. A good basement remodeling contractor will be able to suggest specialty products that can make a big difference in how well your finished basement remodel will look, feel and function. Our designers are know how to do this.  For example, before remodeling a basement fixing things like water infiltration or radon mitigation is essential.  Making sure the foundation and experior walls are well insulated is also key. So, when you interview remodelers to for a finished basement remodeling project ask tough questions about what they recommend for everything from sealing out moisture to dealing with any mold or mildew that may exist and what they will do to prevent moisture, mold and mildew problems in the future.
  • Look for creativity in design and problem solving. Basements often have few and small windows, low ceilings and ductwork, beams, posts, heating and cooling systems, water heaters and more to deal with. Given these challenges, you should look for a remodeling contractor that can come up with functional, practical, cost effective and creative ways of dealing with these and who can, despite these things create a great finished basement that meets your needs. Experienced basement remodelers, for example, are expert at combining task, ambient, natural and spot lighting to make dark spaces light and ceilings appear higher than they may be. They can draw on experience with other basement remodeling projects, too, to share smart ideas such as ways to add in extra storage or even add extra windows and doors.
  • Naturally you should check references! This is always important with any contractor, and with a basement remodeler it’s especially important because you want to know how the work holds up over time. Did the flooring have problems? Did a musty smell return? Is the space cold and damp in winter? Or did the finished basement live up to or surpass the homeowners expectations?
  • Make sure everything is done correctly and legally. Finished basement remodeling often involves working around gas lines, electrical boxes, sumps, water pipes, waste water pipes, duct work and more. It may require preventative or remedial work related to water infiltration and radon mitigation. You want to be very confident that your remodeler has the skills and licenses to work safely and to or above code. Ask how the remodeler will handle pulling permits (and if he says not to worry about permits or pull them yourself, run!). Also ask to see the home improvement license, general liability insurance, workers comp insurance and business registration.

Remember, finishing a basement usually presents some tough remodeling challenges. To make sure you get the best finished basement possible, ask questions up front and make sure you are in good hands.