How Much Will Your Home Remodeling Project Cost?

How much a specific home remodeling project will cost is a loaded question. How much does a car cost? For a car, it depends on the size, brand, model, time of year purchased, location of the purchase, accessories and special packages, rebates, etc.

Determining the cost of a home remodel, which is custom designed and built, has even more variables. Cost depends on the quality of the materials used, the products you select, the level of craftsmanship, how good the client service, dependability and management capabilities of the remodeler, ethics of the remodeler doing the project, and much more.

An experienced remodeling contractor can generally give you a ballpark cost range once you have defined enough parameters of the project. The accuracy of the will depend on how much is defined.

For any reputable remodeler to be able to give you a reasonably accurate cost estimate they have to design the project and you might have to make some product selections. Sometimes this means entering into a design agreement with the remodeler. Other times it may be accomplished by hiring the remodeler to do a feasibility study. Here again, they have to design the project to some extent and allow for a certain level of quality for materials and product selections for the estimate to be even close.

If you have never remodeled before, you should expect that the cost of the remodeling project you have in mind is probably much higher than you expect. Once you have found a remodeler that you like and trust, work with them to find out how much can be accomplished within the budget you are willing to invest into your home, based on your list of priorities.

Remember, when you consider the “cost” of the project, it is really an investment. Remodeling projects increase the value of your home, sometimes significantly. If you remodel years before you sell, you can get back most, all or even more than you initially put in. The enjoyment you get from your remodeled home really costs you much less than the budget of the project.