You know you want a home addition, but what you might not know is that addition can begin with space you already have.

As a home addition contractor, we talk with so many homeowners who want to add more living space but who may not have the lot size or budget to “start from scratch.”  In these cases, we’re often able to pick a different starting point: space that already exists.

For example, if homeowners want to add on to the kitchen or to create a new family room, an under-used screened-in porch might be a perfect “home addition in the making.” Chances are, it already has a foundation, so there’s a major cost-savings right there.  Many times homes have awkward or poorly laid-out spaces that could just use some re-organization. The creative thinking required to capture this extra square footage is something a design-build approach to home additions might discover.

Sometimes a room addition actually is required to get the extra space required. If so, it is also smart to look at green building strategies for how to keep the cost down and the functionality up. Raw square footage is a distant second to creative space planning in a home addition. Typically this creative thinking also has the side benefit of keeping prices lower while making a more cozy and useful home.

When you are adding to the footprint of a home, a two-story addition can capitalize on the work that’s already being done. For the price of adding 3 additional walls and a floor system, you can get a space that’s perfect as an office, teenage retreat, or in-law suite. There are many creative ways to add usable space to any house, whether through a home addition or reorganization. And who couldn’t use more space for a mudroom, family room or your new dream kitchen?

We’ve been the home addition contractor of choice for many homeowners over the years.  Our experience helps us spot possibilities for adding space without always starting from scratch. If you’re thinking of a home addition, why not start by getting some inspiration by requesting our brochure or looking at our photo gallery?